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 2008 Sunbreeze Festival

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PostSubject: 2008 Sunbreeze Festival   2008 Sunbreeze Festival Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 4:17 am

As of August 1st 12:00, Sunbreeze is on!


Superheroine Stage Show-

SE has been making npc /emote events popular. Basically in one of the locations, Mumor will show up and stage fight the big baddy. You have to cheer her on. When she does a dance move, you need to face said baddy and repeat said move in order to get credit. Rewards are unkown, but seem to range with fireworks, ect. Look out for cotton candy and ice cream :v

How her dance works is while Mumor is fighting, you cheer her on. When she's about to do her magical dance (she'll announce with a pause time), you need to do that corresponding dance to the enemy.
So if she does /samba, you need to do /dance1 at the mob :v
From the wiki:

* Step 1: Talk to the Moogle to find out about the event.

* Step 2: When Mumor spawns she'll be in the middle of the speech when she gets assaulted by the Corse named Ullegore. You must then Emote/cheer (I've also noticed some people changing to Emote/clap which might make a difference) while targeting Mumor in order to get her to resist the Corse's attacks and allow her to use her special dance. She will say in /say which dance she'll perform and you must attempt to perform the same Emote/dance as her while targeting Ullegore. It seems to have about a 2-3 second window in which you must perform.

If she says:

* "Shining Summer Samba" you must perform /dance1

* "Lovely Miracle Waltz" you must perform /dance2

* "Neo Crystal Jig" you must perform /dance3

* "Super Crusher Jig" you must perform /dance4

If you manage to time it correctly you will receive a skill up message saying " and Mumor's dancing have been synchronized." For every synchronization if you talk to the Moogle, you will receive 5 Goshikitege (10 for 2, 15 for 3, etc.)

After the 15th synchronization, when you talk to the Moogle he will give you your first piece of armor: <>

Custom Gilet, Custom Top, Magna Gilet, Magna Top, Savage Top, Elder Gilet, Wonder Maillot, Wonder Top

After the second 15 synchronizations you will receive your second:

Custom Trunks, Custom Shorts, Magna Trunks, Magna Shorts, Savage Shorts, Elder Trunks, Wonder Trunks, Wonder Shorts

* Step 3: Once you have both pieces of armor you must then wear them and proceed to the mini game NPCs in each nation. While wearing the new swimsuits they will allow a new option for hard mode and you must beat these to collect three key items. This is a relatively easy task since the Moogle near each of these NPCs will teleport you to the other nations for free if you are wearing the NQ swimsuit.

* The mini games are as follows:

* Bastok (NPC: Klaas Port Bastok K-Cool: A shooting game! You basically have the option to shoot or wait, when different monsters pop up: Cactuar, Goblins, Mandragora, you should select the shoot option. However if you see a Pixie choose the "Wait!" option and it will cycle to the next monster. You have one minute to shoot 30 monsters to collect your prize of 6 M&P Doner Kebab and the Blue Prize Balloon.

San d'Oria (NPC: Estilliphire Southern San d'Oria H-9):

* A "discerning eye" type game! You will be shown five different images that will have two or more characters in it.

* The first is two Elvaan F walking and using emotes, either their walking speed, turning, or emote will vary and you must select the first option when you notice the difference.

* The second image will have four Elvaan M who do the Emote/hurray in pairs. One pair will have different weapons.

* The third will have 6 Tarutaru who run towards you in pairs, select the pair that have different hair.

* The fourth will have 2 Hume M wearing armor; when you notice the armor being different you should select the first option.

* The fifth will have a large group of varied races, the ones that are in matching poses will nod in pairs and you will select the first option when you notice one do a different nodding motion.

The images will then cycle back to the front and repeat. You mush notice 9 differences in order to receive 6 Melon Snowcone and a Red Prize Balloon.

* Windurst (NPC: Rokor-Makor at Windurst Woods K-12):
* A Chocobo game! You control an adult chocobo trying to collect chocobo chicks. No it's not a dating SIM....you have the choice of moving the chocobo right or left in an attempt to collect the baby chicks. The best way to do this is to watch the screen from above and move towards the groupings of multiple chicks in order to get the most you can. Timing is the key in this game, if you're good, you can potentially collect two on the same line if the timing is correct. Be wary the collections seems to be a slight bit in front of the line that is provided. What makes this difficult, is there are Mandragora mixed in as well; collect just one Mandragora and it's game over. You have one minute to collect at least 35 chicks in order to receive 6 Cotton Candy and your Green Prize Balloon.

All the Mini-games cost 100 gil to play each time. If you have no gil you can still enjoy the festivities by dancing with Mumor for a bit and getting the fireworks, they sell to any vendor for at least 2 gil each.

* Step 4: Once you have collected all three balloons, return to the Moogle that gives out the event and it will instantly award you with the High-Quality versions of the swimsuit:

* For the tops: Custom Gilet +1, Custom Top +1, Magna Gilet +1, Magna Top +1, Savage Top +1, Elder Gilet +1, Wonder Maillot +1, Wonder Top +1

* For the bottoms: Custom Trunks +1, Custom Shorts +1, Magna Trunks +1, Magna Shorts +1, Savage Shorts +1, Elder Trunks +1, Wonder Trunks +1, Wonder Shorts +1

Enjoy the Mini-games, I thoroughly did, and try to beat the high score!

* As an added note: if you want to still play "hard-mode" for the mini games as well as maintain your national teleports from the moogles, you must keep the NQ version of the swimsuit, THE HQ VERSION DOES NOT ALLOW THESE OPTIONS. Greiver 8:21, 1 August 2008 (PST)


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PostSubject: Re: 2008 Sunbreeze Festival   2008 Sunbreeze Festival Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 3:13 pm

K so I was an idiot and thought you had to go to the moogle after every show... instead of waiting til after the 15th sync to talk to him. I has 110 fireworks now!
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2008 Sunbreeze Festival
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