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PostSubject: Anantaboga   Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:40 pm

Koro, Mari and Myself attempted this last night (8/17/08 ) didn't win, but came away with some valuable info.

-First Go here: http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Anantaboga for in depth info on the fight.

-Spawned on Mount Z. at (E-6) There's one dragon where the spawn point is, and two near the zone tunnel. The one by the spawn should be killed, but the two near the zone tunnel can be avoided though it would be preferable to have someone zone them to make for a larger kiting area.

-He will not agro you while his name is white.

-Kiting method seems to be the best with a low man group, and it looks like at least 4 people are needed for the fight.

-Do NOT silence him

-Debuffs stick decently. Does not sleep. Preferable to keep him gravitied at all times.

-Keep minimal buffs up as Nullsong will do 100 dmg for every buff you have up, which includes 100 for each shadow. For tanks sub /nin and keep shadows up. For mages keep stoneskin and reraise up. Other than that don't worry about food or any other buffs.

-Don't panic when you get charmed, it only lasts for 20 seconds and resets your hate.

-He spams horde lullaby like it's going out of style. Stay a good distance away. If you get slept inform someone immediately.

-Chaos Blade freaking hurts. Curses everyone within range, and takes someone with 1k hp down to 100. So please get out of the way and call for a cursna immediately. He doesn't do it very often I noticed.

-Spams Paeon V often, which can quickly bring his hp to max. Dispel must be readily available.

Overall this isn't a hard fight. We spent roughly two hours on him playing with him. The issue we had was with him regening to 100 after a while, which we couldn't really come to a consensus as to why. Some theories:

-Going unclaimed (white name) and having a debuff wear will result in accelerated regening. To avoid this someone should be in the zone and kiting him at all times to make sure he is always claimed and debuffed.

-For most of our attempt all three of us were zoning in and out of Halvung to reset hate. It is possible he got Paeon V off while we were zoned out and regened that way. Again, someone needs to stay in the zone with him at all times.

There are several ways we can approach this fight:

-4 man: blm/whm, blm/rdm, blm/rdm, rdm/nin

The way this fight should function is with 2 people in the zone with him at all times. The rdm/nin gravity kiting while a blm keeps him debuffed with elemental buffs (rdm can handle bio and poison). The other two blms will nuke and zone. When one blms mp gets low they will switch off with the debuffer to rest (debuffs don't cost much mp). All blms should remain out of song range at all times, should the rdm get charmed the blm needs to be ready to kite.

Another way this could work is for all three blms to be zoning in and out for nukes with the intention of getting his HP down quickly and reducing the amount of time the rdm has to kite. This can be problematic when the blms run out of mp and are forced to rest at once.

-5 man: blm/whm, blm/rdm, blm/rdm, rdm/nin, pld/nin

This particular method functions the same as the 4man except we have a pld/nin to heal when needed, take up kiting when the rdm is low on mp/charmed/slept, and can zone possible links to keep our kiting area as large as possible.

Method1: Primary job of the pld/nin would be to flash the surrounding dragons and zone them out to despawn them. This individual would have to be very flexible and able to heal/be where ever needed inbetween dragon zonings. Of course its understood if you need to rest then rest as your primary job is most important.

Method2: Dragons would be zoned only when needed, and pld/nin would assist primarily in healing and kiting.

-6 man: blm/whm, blm/rdm, blm/rdm, rdm/nin, pld/nin, blu/nin

This method would leave the pld/nin zoning dragons while the blu/nin would assist with kiting. The blms would keep with the same strategy of zoning and nuking.

These are only my theories, and I'm sure Koro and Mari will have their own takes on the fight and various strategies the could be used.
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PostSubject: Re: Anantaboga   Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:54 pm

Oho, incredibly curious review. This was great to read. I'm very surprised as I recall this being a nm labeled impossible on the wiki during the first release. Of course, all people that tried attempted via melee alliance :* so that probably was the issue. Hoho, time will tell.

With theories on setup, after getting my pld to 75 I should also max out my ninjutsu skill and work towards a Boxer's mantle. If I'm zoning dragons, I assume then emnity+ isn't so much of an issue as hp and eva will be. If we're 6manning would I cure in between trains via method 2 or would I strictly just be there to help prevent angry dragon gnawing?

I'd be content trying either or methods. It sounds like a very entertaining amount of difficulty to work with. I'll defiantly make yag drinks for the occasion whenever we go.

:v How is the raw buffalo meat attained btw?

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PostSubject: Re: Anantaboga   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:13 am

Raw buffalo meat is the item you trade zeni for (everyone really should be collecting that)

As far as pld goes, in both situations a heal is greatly appreciated when it's needed. Basically the pld would zone dragons, and while they are down provide any support that is needed (ie heals or flash on a charmed person if needed).

This guy really isn't that bad if you use the kiting method (which I've found during research that almost all low man strats should be done with kiting either with mages (blms, rdms) or pet jobs (smns, bsts).

We played with this guy for nearly two hours with only a few deaths, but never a full wipe. It was always something we could recover from... the issue is his regen. We simply couldnt take his life down with the method we were using. Had we figured that out sooner we most likely could have won with the 3 man set up, but it was 5am and we were sleepy.
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PostSubject: Re: Anantaboga   

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