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Cheese Hoarder Nyzulcopy

Pop the guy at the X in that hall pull him to the E. You'll need to kill the links on the way to make things easier, if you get one on the way either hit a telepad to tele out and come back (and be sure someone else grabbed the NM) or just take him to the room and the links will depop.

Basically you need to keep barfira up, and nuke him when he enters the room. He will run out of the room every 10% or so, you can rest while he's gone. I've noticed after the update he doesn't run as far as he used to so be careful. Do not chase him, he will link other rats as he runs that will depop when they get to the room.

Also you'll want to stay out of his way while he's running... he'll drop mines and they hurt like freaking hell.

As far as set up goes we've generally gone with 3 blms, rdm, cor. Everyone but one person goes /nin, that one person goes /whm for barfira.
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