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 Armed Gears

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PostSubject: Armed Gears   Armed Gears Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 12:24 pm

Totally owned us with 5 (Blm, Blm, Blm, Rdm, Cor) First tried all the blms /nin, died... so we had 2 blms switch to /whm.

Armed Gears NyzulAG

Popped at the X(G/H- 11).

(from the wiki)

# Has extremely high defense and magic resistance at first. The only significant damage must be done in relation to the type of spell Armed Gears uses. It will be cured by spells of the same element and take damage from its weakness. If Armed Gears uses Paralyze, use fire, avoid blizzard.

# Avoid melee damage until the very end of the fight. Feeding Armed Gears TP is not a good idea with his area of effect abilities.

# Susceptible to Gravity but builds resistance.

# Armed Gears will lose a gear at 49% hp. Its defense and magic defense will also diminish.

# Armed Gears will lose a second gear at 24% hp. Same result to his defense and magical defense.

# As HP lowers, Defense lowers.

* Will rage after 60 minutes: (as of September 2008 update)

* hits for about 600-700 while raged.
* will resist all forms of enfeebling, excluding bio.

* Uses Antigravity: AOE that knocks back (400-600 damage). Has a chance to gravity instead of knockback.
* Uses Rail Cannon: AOE attack (430-860 damage)

* When two gears remain, Rail Cannon becomes Cone.
* When one gear remains, Rail Cannon becomes single target (goes through Utsusemi).

* Susceptible to Stun: Shield Bash and Stun Spell.
* Builds resistance to stun over a long period of time.

* Uses a random Enspell, weak to the element that the Enspell element is weak to. Changes Enspells periodically.
* The Enspell can be dispelled, after it has been dispelled, all magical elements work.(Confirmed worked after 2 gears remaining).

* It is near impossible to damage Armed Gears when you dispel the En-effect during three gears.
* It stops using En-spells after two gears.

* Once Enspell is removed, Armed Gears is no longer tied to that element, and is able to cast cure on itself.
* Uses Heavy Armature: Protect and a large number of shadows as well as a very strong Haste effect (felt a bit weaker than Hundred fists)
* Uses Restoral (heals up to 3000hp).

* Has a chance to restore one gear. It will eventually warp away (again) after enough damage is done.
* Even if a gear is restored, Armed Gears will still have a weakened defense.


Ok a lot of info. Basically the idea is to kite him around that little room keeping bio/grav up the entire time. Blms are to nuke him with the element he is weak to (you'll know by the enspell he uses).

The problems we ran into:

1) Didn't know he could silence us (the spell) didn't bring echos. (Main reason for the blms changing to /whm along with the desire for raise)

2) Gravity quit sticking after a while, mari has been meriting so we'll see how much that helps.

3) Lack of dedicated healer. Really, the blms should all be /nin as they will be kiting at one point or another and stoneskin just doesn't cut it with this thing.

After he loses a gear you can melee him, though I'm not sure how good of an idea that is. I'd really just bring bells pld for support much like we did on the dragon only she won't have to zone any links. Just heal/flash when needed.
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Armed Gears
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