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 Lycopodium NPC Quests

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Page to tell you how/where to trade the flowers to. (copy and paste entire line, apparently codes aren't wanting to work right now)

Type: NPC
Location: Batallia Downs (S), Garlaige Citadel (S), North Gustaberg (S),


* Talking to Lycopodium (NPC) triggers a short cutscene.

The lycopodium is entranced by a sparkling light...

Your memory is engraved with an image of your surroundings and the fragrance of flowers...

* After checking the Light in the past and then the present, the following message appears:

"The sparkling light seems vaguely familiar to you..."

* (Before having spoken with the Lycopodium, checking these sparkling light targets causes the following message to appear:

"The ground is sparkling with a strange light.")

* After trading the flower to the Sparkling Light, in the present, the following messages appear:

"You sense that a certain trigger may awaken the memories slumbering in your mind."

"The fragrance of the flower sends your senses reeling back to the world of the past..."

* Purpose: After talking to the npc of the past, you may trade a flower to the sparkling light which is in the same location in the present area.
This will transport you up whatever cliff or ledge you are near, instead of having to run the long way. Note that there are two sparkling lights in North Gustaberg, so you can warp down that cliff as well as up it.

**NOTE** You will LOSE the flower upon trading to the lights

* Flowers that work: Amaryllis, Asphodel, Carnation, Dahlia, Lilac, Marguerite, Rain Lily, Snow Lily

* Flowers that don't work: Lycopodium Flower, Red Rose, Wijnruit

[edit] Found in the following zones:
Zone Name Location
Batallia Downs (S) (F - 5) on the stone ramp by the border of (F - 6)
Garlaige Citadel (S) (E - 8 ) on the third map, just past (G - 10) of the second map
North Gustaberg (S) (F - 9) on ramp to west section of North Gustaberg (S)
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Lycopodium NPC Quests
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