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PostSubject: Dynamis Sandy   Dynamis Sandy Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 4:39 am

The best way to do this is to save the image on your PC and have it pulled up in a window next to the instructions. Keep in mind that I don't necessarily agree with everything as we have won sandy fairly easily. The map at the bottom has all spawns so you can see where monk mobs are

Dynamis Sandy DynaSandy

1. Just pull.

2-3. Pull either, then the other.

4-5. Pull when the moving statue is furthest south.

6. Pull when furthest north.

7. Just pull.

8. Pull when furthest downstairs.

9. Pull when furthest west.

10. Pull two statues. They will link.

11-13. Pull when furthest north. Each of these pulls have a high chance of linking with the NM pull!

14. Pull any stat inside, they all will link. Have a tank kite the NM, BLM and ranged attackers only on NM. Everyone else kill the other mobs.

15-16. Just pull.

17-20. Pull when furthest north. High chance of linking!

21-22. Just pull.

23. Pull either when the other is faced away. Make sure the mobs go around the west side of the tent so they don't link AH.

24-26. Pull when furthest north. High chance of linking with NM!

27. Have death puller with Perfect Dodge or Invincible run in and aggro everything. NM puller run in right behind death puller and voke NM. Death puller run outside west door while the NM puller brings the NM to the group, then death puller runs to the east door to die within Tractor range. Nukes and ranged attack only on NM again.

28-31. Pull when they look like they won’t link.

32. MP and HP statues. Everyone gather for full recover before boss.

33. Death pull boss. Death puller run in front of the boss and die in front of the east chocobo stable alleyway. Boss puller take boss to the west chocobo stable alley, then to group at the stables.

Dynamis Sandy SandyPull
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