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START - Start here. Wait for enough people to enter.

1 - First few statues are pulled from here. Makes for good warmup while people are still entering the area. First statue has a NIN so get Barfire up!

2 - The chocobo stables have three statues, each pops two BSTs. There is a fairly high chance of linking them, so be ready! The BSTs have scorpion pets that use Breakga, so be sure to sleep them and spam silence!! Do not melee the scorpions unless told to do so!

3 - In front of the stairs and AH will be pulled. All fairly small pulls. There is a few NINs so have Barefire ready! 20 min ext in the last AH pull.

4 - If there is time, the zone to Gustaburg will be cleared, if not avoid the statues left here when you pass them.

5 - Large pull here. There is a statue that pops three additional statues(one of them an MP statue) which pop two mobs each. Ones a NIN, Barfire up. Sleep/Kite extra mobs.

6 - Two statues here, they are either MP/HP statues, a 20 min ext or a BST NM + 2 BSTs. If the BSTs pop, kill all the mobs and the NM before killing the scorpions! Be ready with sleep and silence!

7 - SMN pulled from here, be sure to kill it ASAP and sleep the avatar!

8 - Several pulls here, they have MNKs in them, kite up and down around the AH stairs.

9 - Same as #6.

10-13 - Pulling mobs from downstairs. The statues above the alley can be ignored. Only the puller should go into the alley!

14 - SMN NM pulled from here. Usualy death pulled. Killing it gives a 30 min ext. When death pulled, everyone should be hiding as far under the the shack in the corner as possible. Kill NM ASAP!

15 - Several statues and a few mobs pulled from here. Once this area is cleared the BLMs can go to the west side of under the bridge, everyone else be sure not to camp on them!

16 - Normal pull, then an NM pulled from here. It's a DRK so tank with a NIN if you can. Another normal pull after that.

17 - Large pull. The MNKx2 and DRK are 10 min extentions.

18 - Trigger NM is death pulled from here. Everyone gather back in the shack you were in for the other death pull!

19 - Another death pulled trigger NM. It's a MNK, since theres no room to kite, it's suggested that a PLD 2hrs it whenever it 2hrs.

20 - Everyone back under the bridge as the last trigger NM is pulled from the alley.

21 - A suicide puller will train everything east towards the chocobo stables while the puller grabs the boss and brings it back to camp. Suicide puller should die somewhere in front of the AH or west of the AH as long as they don't get too close to the main group.

Dynamis Bastok BastokPull

1. Pull 20 min ext.

2. Pull both, they normaly link.

3. Pull when #4 just turns south. They usually link anyways.

4. Pull if it hasnít already linked.

5-6. Just pull.

7. Pull when most south.

8. Pull when #9 is most south.

9-14. Just pull, or pull when most south.

15-17. Just pull. Link some of the empty statues as well to save time if you want.

18. Large pull. Pull when #19 is north.

19. Pull when south.

20-23. Just pull.

24-26. Pull when east.

27-28. Just pull.

29. Pull both mobs, shoot north mob so they hopefully link to save time.

30. Just pull. It will link with #31, but #31's mobs will not link.

31. Pull whatís left of 31's mobs. Pull the one furthest east so they link.

32-33. Just pull.

34. Just pull. It will link with #35, but only one of 35's mobs will link.

35. Pull the other 2 mobs that are popped when the statue to the north on the stairs is going up.

36. If there is time, pull this one. If not, sneak by and death pull the SMN NM.

37. If there's time, pull. If not death pull. Make sure you donít get too far ahead of the mobs when you run to the chocobo stables so they don't go up the wrong way and aggro the top floor.

38. Pull whichever is closest east whenever the others are west. Then pull the others the same way.

39. Just pull the mob.

40. Pull when north.

41-43. Just pull.

44. This statue pops an additional statue and nine mobs. Only 6 will link. The MNK x2 and the DRK are the 10 min extentions.

45. Death pull NM. Shoot highest mob in the row popped by #44 and it will link the top statues that pop the NM.

46. Just one mob, if it hasnít linked with anything else.

47. Have a THF death pull this NM. Flee and aggro everything at the bottom, then run toward the chocobo stables.

48. Death pull the last NM. If #36 is still up then you will need Flee to run past and aggro the other statues. If not, then shoot the statue furthest east. Again, make sure the mobs don't go up the wrong way.

49. Shoot a mob near the back, death pull the boss.
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