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 Dynamis Strategy Tips

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PostSubject: Dynamis Strategy Tips   Dynamis Strategy Tips Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 5:03 am

Some things to note (that we didn't really know or take advantage of before, and some we already knew)

Arrow When going in with really small numbers blm/nin is a combination worth looking into. You'll solo better in places like Jeuno where the running range is small. Most statues will one shot your stoneskin anyway.

Arrow Always bring echo drops, and its a good idea to have poison potions on hand for Bastok... you HAVE to have them for windy.

Arrow Always keep at least 6 charges of reraise on you.

Arrow When sleep is needed for more than one mob: Sleepga first, then Sleep II individual mobs. They will sleep longer than with sleepga II, and it will stagger the time in which they wake up.

Arrow never use AoE spells when there are mobs above you (Ie: Bastok catwalks, and the fountain/palace in jeuno)

Arrow Make sure Bastok Scorpions and Jeuno bst pets are always silenced and slept. (bst pets in sandy dont sleep)

Arrow Always watch your reraise around bst mobs.

Arrow Always keep avatars slept, and if youre fighting a NM with a summon... use the appropriate bar spell on your party. (Sandy Smn NM uses levi, if you have gear that increases water resistance bring it!)

I'll add to this as I think/learn more.
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Dynamis Strategy Tips
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