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START - This is where you start.

1 - Two statues pulled from under the bridge here. First one has a MNK. Sleep it until the other mobs are dead. BLMs be sure to Stun as much of Hundred Fists as you can as there isn't much kiting room here! The second statue will give a 30 minute extension.

2 - Two statues at the top are pulled next. One has an NM, the other is another time extension.

3 - Several statues pulled from around here. One has blue eyes, couple of the others are empty. They have a chance of linking with the next NM pull.

4 - MNK in this pull, be sure to Gravity and kite. NM pop here. By this time the As should be spread out enough not to crowd each other. No real camps along here since we wont be staying in one place long enough until the other side of the garden square.

5 - NM pull here, if it hasn't linked with one of the other pulls already. Fairly large pull. Then green eyes, blue eyes and several mobs.

6 - Two MNKs pop from this statue. Be sure to kite/Gravity!

7 - NIN and BST in the following pulls. Kill BST fast so BLMs can kill the anoying pet.

8 - Several regular pulls with HP and MP statues.

9 - NM SMN, sleep the avatar and kill NM fast.

10 - Few more regular pulls here..

11 - Regular pull, which may link with the NM pull. NM pulled next if it doesn't link.

12 - High chance of linking everything on this side, including a SMN and a NM. Be ready. Kill the SMN first, sleep avatar.

13 - Two statues on the stairs here, may link, but they only pop one mob each.

14 - Large pull with an NM, a MNK, and several other mobs that gives a 30 min extension. Sleep some or let the puller kite.

15 - Three statues pulled from here. They all must be linked so it's a large pull. May take a min for them to line up right..

16 - Regular pull.

17 - Three SMNs pop from this statue. Sleepers be ready to get the avatars! Kill the SMNs ASAP. Sometimes this pull links with the NM pull, which is next.

18 - Large pull with an NM that gives another time extention.

19 - Two BST pulled, then a small pull, then an NM with several mobs.

20 - Few more regular pulls, then an MP statue, then some some more regular pulls.

21 - Large pull here with a DRK NM. Tank with a NIN if you can.

22 - Here we will send a BLM to solo the Goblin Statue. After they kill the statue, they either drop their glass and get a new one from the late person to re-enter, or we re-clear the palace to get them out.

23 - Everyone should hide in the north-west corner of the AH area while the Boss is pulled. A suicide puller will train everything counter-clockwise around the square and die before the steps to the AH, far enough away to be sure nothing will aggro everyone fighting the boss at the AH, while the tank grabs the mega boss and brings it back to camp.

Dynamis Jeuno JeunoPull

1. Pull when #2 just turns west.

2. Pull when east.

3. Purposely link these. Pull when the moving one is directly in front of the one standing still.

4. This statue has a high chance of linking with #5. try to pull when #5ís statues are faced away.

5. Try to pull these when they are separate. Still a high chance of linking.

6-7. Just pull.

8. Pull when #9 is most west. It will link with the statue at the top of the stairs.

9-11. Pull when most east.

12. Pull both, donít worry about linking them, the west statue doesnít pop anything.

13. Pull when #10 is somewhere to the west.

14. Pull when most east.

15. Just pull.

16. Pull when most north. Try to link with the statue to the north, rather then the statue to the south.

17. Just pull. The statue will pop a lot but only 4 RNG will link. After the RNGs are dead, pull the SMN NM and the BLM.

18. Pull whichever is closest east when the other is west.

19. Pull when furthest south.

20. Just pull. It will link with the statue across from it.

21. Pull when the moving statue is most south so they link purposely.

22. Just pull.

23. Pull whichever is closest south when the other is north.

24. Just pull.

25. You have to link these 3 statues. Pull when they are all close to the east, otherwise they will link with the 3 SMN in front of the AH.

26-27. Just pull.

28. Just pull.

29. Just pull. It will link with the statue across from it.

30. Pull when #31 is going up the stairs.

31-32. Pull when south.

33-36. Just pull.

37-38. Just pull. The statues link.

39. Have a BLM solo the Goblin Statue, then warp and re-enter.

40. Death pull boss. Run and aggro boss, then run around counter-clock wise. Tank voke boss and bring to AH. Death puller die at the top right corner of the square. Re-Raise after the mobs have left and run to AH before the boss dies.
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